Pourquoi choisir d’être membre à Noburo ?

I commute to Granby to bring the children to their school and to bring them back home to our village. I needed a semi-permanent, comfortable place to work where I am welcome and rent is not paid by ordering coffees and muffins. Noburo is very nice as it is surrounded on three sides by the forest and the river; I get the advantage of working in a town with the scenery of the countryside.

Qu’est-ce qui t’attire dans un espace de travail collectif ?

Friendly, positive and polite fellow workers in an open, tasteful space.

Pourquoi voulais-tu sortir de ton sous-sol ?

Home is nice and I am more productive there than at corporate headquarters, but it is a gilded cage. One needs a change in scenery without affecting productivity.

Pourquoi es-tu travailleur(e) autonome ?

With modern technology and the right job, it really does not matter where I live so long as I make my meetings and my deadlines. I prefer the countryside to the big city.

Quelle musique écoutes-tu ?

Everything from Bach to Limp Bizkit, minus country and western and rap.

Qu’est ce qui te passionne ?

A good challenge on the piano or refining a good technique in Karate.

Quel livre lis-tu présentement ?

Genki: an integrated course in elementary Japanese.

Ton plaisir coupable ?

A really good hamburger.

Ton alcool préféré ?

Single-malt Scotch, both Islay and Speyside.

Ton sport préféré ?

Kyokushin Karate

Quelqu’un qui t’inspire ?

Family and friends